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Rian Music is an Independent  Record Label, currently 

led by Artist Rian Mac, Voting Grammy Member (SF Chapter), Producing , Releasing and Promoting Singles, Albums & Video for  Rian and other Artists, Bands & Music supervisors. 

RianMusic  are  artists, writers, musicians, producers, publishers and more... coming together forming one powerful dynamic.

( This web-site samples our works, Latest Releases & Purchase Links)

We also collaborate with and/or supply to Artists, Bands, Musical/Film Supervisors, our custom designed music, singles, instrumentals, scores, cues & Video.

Rian Music has built and maintains relationships with Viacom, Universal, WB, Sony  VH1, HBO, Sky & BBC.

Writing, Recording, Production, Mixing & Mastering, Publishing, Record Releases, Custom Music Design, Promotion & Artist Advancement, Collaboration, music mentoring and Record Label preparation.

Grammy Submission and Campaigning.

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New Single & Video 

​"Fool For Your Love"

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Meet Rian Mac.  Owner, Producer, Publisher